Q) Are your classes open to all grades?

A) We are currently accepting grades Pre-K-8, however we will be adding tutoring services for grades 9-12 in the future.

Q) How do I sign up my child?

A) To sign up your child for our classes please email us at mail@edtothefuture.com or call us at (619) 519-0499 so that we can add them to our roster and arrange their first class :)

Q) Do I need to arrive earlier than normal for my child’s first class?

A) We ask that new students please arrive 15 mins early to their first class so we can complete the required paperwork, process your first payment and give you an overview of how our classes work.

Q) What if I’m late picking up my child?

A) We will try to be as understanding as possible and will allow a 10 minute grace period at the end of the class for parent pickup, however after the 10 minute grace period has elapsed we will be required to charge a $5 per minute late pickup fee.

Q) Do you offer Private, In-Home tutoring services?

A) Yes, so long as you are located within our listed locations being served, or are willing to compensate our tutor for travel expenses.